Dementia is not an inevitable part of aging — these 3 things can help

“Many people believe that dementia is a normal part of aging and although it is an age-related disease, meaning that it is more common among older people than younger people, it is actually related to underlying neurodegenerative diseases that are not a normal part of aging,” Andersen tells me. 

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The Secrets of Living to 100

BU’s New England Centenarian Study delves into the lives of superagers to better understand why some people make

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How to Stay Mentally Sharp Into Your 80s and Beyond

Researchers studying “super agers,” people over 80 who have mental faculties of people decades younger, said st

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8 psychological characteristics that people over 100 years of age have in common

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UCLA’s Equity for Latinx/Hispanic Healthy Aging Lab pushes for more education about brain health

Latinos are 1.5 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than their white counterparts, but make up a small

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Cracking an intriguing secret of centenarians: Why so few are ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease

“We can learn why these people delay or escape Alzheimer’s disease, and use that to come up with drugs to comba

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Why Do Some People Live to 100—and How?

Thomas Perls, director of BU’s New England Centenarian Study, explains how and why some people live to 100 years

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World’s-oldest person dies

The oldest-known person in the world, Kane Tanaka of Japan, has died at the age of 119. Host Marco Werman discusses

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Want to live to 100? Here’s what the latest longevity research says

You have two choices when pondering how—and whether—you will live a long, healthy life. 

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Latin women won the lottery of longevity

Being Latina and being a woman, Arrecís has a favorable combination to be a centenarian, according to Thomas Perls

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Identifying omics profiles in centenarians and other species and translating these into preventive and therapeutic strategies

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Age Later: Health Span, Life Span, and the New Age of Longevity

by Nir Barzilai,MD

In Age Later, Dr. Barzilai reveals the secrets his team has unlocked about SuperAgers and the scientific discoveries that show we can mimic some of their natural resistance to the aging process. This eye-opening and inspirational book will help you think of aging not as a certainty, but as a phenomenon like many other diseases and misfortunes