Tufts Medical Center

Tufts Medical Center is an internationally-respected academic medical center – a teaching hospital where we pride ourselves not only in the sophistication of the care we provide but the compassionate way in which we provide it. We care for all patients from the tiniest newborns at our full-service pediatric hospital, Floating Hospital for Children, to centenarians in our specialized Geriatrics clinic. Tufts Medical Center’s founding institution was the Boston Dispensary, established in 1796. This makes us the oldest permanent medical facility in New England and the third oldest in the country.

Tufts Medical Center’s expansive research program includes groundbreaking bench research, clinical trials and developments in health policy. Our research activities are funded by the National Institutes of Health, private foundations, industry and private individuals. Tufts Medical Center consistently ranks among the top 10 percent of the nation’s independent hospitals to receive federal research funds.

Tufts’ mission of advancing knowledge and training students to become future investigators drives forward with one goal in mind – quickly turning innovative research into pioneering care. The Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute is a federally-funded center dedicated to reducing the time between discoveries in the lab and therapies for patients.

For more information, please visit: https://www.tuftsmedicalcenter.org